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STERLIZIO uses electrodes made of noble metal. The device generates an electric field. Water molecules are getting

electrolyzed in it. It allows to form hydroxyl ions which effectively purify water from bacteria and viruses in the shortest time.

To use it, simply put this device into the water, press one button – and the process begins. After 15 minutes,

the machine will turn off automatically.

When the precious metal electrode is used, the water molecules on the electrode surface are electrolyzed under the

electric field to generate atomic hydrogen and reactive oxygen, and combine with water molecules to form hydroxyl

ions.The ions have excellent effect of killing and destroying pesticide molecules. Adding a small amount of salt in the

water will produce hypochlorous acid, so as to achieve efficient sterilization and kill pathogenic microorganisms.

Do you like to go into sports? But you don’t like to run a half-empty washing machine with only a few things inside?

Just take your time after the gym – our device will solve this problem easily. Daily laundry absorbs up to 1.5 hours

a day, as well as a lot of chemicals and electricity.

But with our STERLIZIO it’s a thing of the past – just put device into a bowl of water, put your clothes in there and

it will do the rest. In 15 minutes your clothes will be clean without chemicals and electricity consumption.

Children often play on the floor and in the yard, carrying toys with them. As a result, they are exposed to the constant

danger of viruses and microbes. Our STERLIZIO will provide a safe environment for your children. With its help, you

will be able to disinfect children’s clothes, toys, and feeding tools without adding chemicals. The device will provide

constant cleanliness and a healthy environment for your children.

If you like to eat vegetables and fruit, we have a great news for you! STERLIZIO will effectively clean it from pesticides as

well as effectively degrade meat hormones. ​

Floor cleaning is a process that often requires chemicals that are harmful to your hands and the environment.

With STERLIZIO you will be able to purify washing water and prevent smearing of dirt during cleaning. In addition to

cleaning, the action of the machine slows down the upraise and reproduction of new bacteria.


With this device, you can purify water and wash your hands and face that is especially needed after returning home after a

walk in the heat, doing sports, or after household chores.

It has recently become crucial to keep your hands and surfaces sterile. You can achieve that with STERLIZIO.

Just pour the machine-treated water into the sprayer to make your hands and house disinfectant.

You can add a small amount of salt into the water, which will lead to hydrochloric acid, which will achieve even more

effective sterilization and destroy pathogens.All you need to do to achieve maximum cleanliness – is to press the button

and put the device into the water.


Use it sanitize dishes, or disinfect vegetables and fruit, etc. It can effectively remove chemical residue on vegetables

and fruit.No Need for Laundry Detergent, Disinfectant Rate Up to 99.9%, Super Portable.

We maximize STERLIZIO working area. That is why we managed to combine compactness and power.

There is no any other device that provides such high efficiency with in-hand size.


It uses a modern magnetic charger, which allows you to charge it quickly.

Durable 2000 mah battery provides 5 cleaning cycles of 15 minutes. And the optimal battery power ensures

efficient operation.

STERLIZIO does not need to be hidden in a box, it has a stylish appearance and ergonomic design.

The tool is small in size and does not take up much space. The device is easy to store;

you can just hang it on a hook in a convenient place.


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