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MISTUR – A mist moisturizer & humidifier in one


Skin moisteriser, humidifier and scent dispenser all in one!




  • 21*21*117mm
  • 36g
  • Rated Voltage:  3.7V
  • Capacity: 9ml

Health benefits

When the upper layer of the skin releases water, it releases fat to achieve a balance. This means that your skin becomes oily. Oily skin has many different health implications such as pimples, dryness, and wrinkles.

By keeping the skin moisturized you can avoid oily skin which prevents these implications and leaves you with healthier and nicer looking skin.

Combatting skin fatigue

A big part of why we feel tired during the day is due to skin and water scarcity. Moisturizing your skin can help you feel refreshed.

Environmental reason

We often find ourselves in environments dried out because of air conditioning. You may find yourself in dried out locations more often than you think! For example:

  • In an airplane
  • On the train, while commuting
  • In the classroom
  • In the office
  • Any air-conditioned room
  • Even in the bedroom when you go to sleep

MISTUR can help you humidify your environment making it easier for your body to adapt.

Sticking the MISTUR back onto its casing easily turns it into a tabletop humidifier.

The MISTUR we designed has sleek minimalist colors that look great in any room and look good on anybody. We do however realize that one color does not always fit all.


How the MISTUR nanospray is different

The MISTUR nanometer spray vibrates 100.000 times per second using ultrasonic high-frequency vibration technology. This divides the sprayed water into 0.3 to 0.5 microns (0.0003 ~ 0.0005 mm). These microdroplets can easily be absorbed into the pores.

How to use the MISTUR

You can easily replenish either the compartment it comes with to refill the desktop spray or refill the handheld container and snap & twist the spray head into place.

The carrying case has 2 functions: You can store the MISTUR or you can dock the MISTUR to make use of it as a desktop humidifier.


Easily snaps back into place once replenishing the water.

In the box

  • Filter
  • Sprayer
  • Storage compartment/Docking system
  • USB Cable

  • First-ever 3 in 1 nanospray
  • Light, portable and can be used almost anywhere
  • Easy to use and easy to store
  • Ergonomic and seamless design.


The problem with existing sprays

The human body pore diameter is about 0.02 ~ 0.05 mm. This causes normal water to not easily be absorbed into the pores. Existing sprays don’t spray small enough water particles which run the risk of an ineffective spray absorption, which is also the main reason why current sprays will ruin your makeup.



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