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Írõõn Portable Ultrasonic Steam Iron:Fast,Wireless,Safe Iron

Original price was: $159.00.Current price is: $69.00.

  • Wireless|Light&Portable
  • 60s Fast Heating
  • Fabric Protection
  • Ultrasonic Steam
  • Built-in Water Tank
  • Long Lasting
  • Large Capacity Power



  • Írõõn X 1

Írõõn steam iron brings brand-new ironing experience anywhere at home or on a trip,

which is designed for convenient usage and to protect the fabric.

Do you have problems iron clothing when you go for a business trip? Suits are crumpled

in suitcases.The traditional clothing irons are not convenient to carry. Here comes the Írõõn mini portable

steam iron,which can solve those above problems with its unique design.

Irõõn mini portable steam iron uses a lithium battery as the power source to heat

the ironing plate. Meanwhile, there is a 30ml water tank placed in it, which can provide

ultrasonic steamto moisture the surface and inside fabric. This process can well protect the

clothing and shape them well when ironing. Additionally, the upper body can be used

separately as a power bank for electronic devices.

Easily switch dry clothing ironing to steam ironing. It is suitable for various fabrics with

different temperature settings, which includes silk, polyester, rayon, wool, cashmere,

synthetic fiber, cotton, flax, etc.

The Írõõn steam iron can also be used as a power bank for electronic devices.

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Weight 1.5 kg


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